When you come into partnership with Reginald Carson Ministries you come into covenant relationship with a ministry that tears down strongholds, traditionalism, and doctrinization by using the revelation power and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  We endeavor to unlock the mysteries of the Bible by walking in the commandments and statutes given to us by God the Father and are therefore obedient unto the Holy Spirit, glorifying the Father, and being richly blessed in the process.  This produces a powerful salvational experience.

As a partner with Reginald Carson Ministries, one of the greatest rewards is to know that lives are being changed through your prayers and financial support.  For every person who is saved, Spirit-filled, healed, or set free, a portion of that is credited to you in direct relation to your investment. God has promised that what you make happen for someone else, He will make happen for you! Know you are making an investment in eternity!
Thank you again for your willingness to support God’s work. It’s only by His grace and mercy that we are able to help a hurting world heal and become whole one partner at a time!

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